With the object of restriction inflow into oil well company “Karvan-L” offers ccompo-sition on basis of mineral and organic acids.


Dampproof compositions

(KL 121, KL-122, KL-123) assaigned for channel alien waters, annulus absorption in layers and they can be used during realization repair-insulating works in oil well and fill-in well.

Restraint inflow and watering decrease of produced production in wells

– watering decrease of produced production to 90%

– water salinity- unconditioned

Sheeted temperature for reagent KL-121 to 80oC; for reagent KL-122 to 105oC; for reagent KL-123 to 1300C

– oil-saturated part of sheet no more than 10-20 m thickness opened perforation

– makeup density 1,03g/sm3

– Period of in sheet beginning 3-3,5 hours (absolute hardening 48 hours)

Field of application of tecnical process is both terrigenous deposit and carbonate deposit independently of fluid bearing mineralization. Process is selective and it goes without exact information about occurrence water-saturated sheets and their interval.

Basic properties

Squeeze formation by influence of composite material happen immediately in pore space not shrink, not destroyed by influence of formation water due to the fact constitutive reaction product represents colloidal mass characteerizing large mobility? Takes to the surface during the well exploitation. Water isolating massis not dissoluble in water.