KN 1 applied struggle light hydrocarbons losses due oil storage in climatic conditions. Composition has the following structure:

The distinctive property of this reagent with respect to others is that its consisting of in spite of mylonoft and also NA KMC which stipulate solid foam formation on the surface relatively highly developed closed thinly system. By absence of Na KMC solid foam has some open pores. Film on the basis of KN 1 possesses by mechanical strength by its vertical position on the surface of oil, indicates:


Naphtenic acids acids exudes from alkaline wastes after leaching distillates of diesel oil and kerosene naphtenic oils are effective stimulators plants growth.

Oil growth substance is represent as water solution sodium salt of naphtenic acids 40%. (OGS) steep seeds before sowing use mixture with chemical fertilizers during vegetation for plant spraying in blooming period. Using the OGS grout concentration in water from 0, 001 to 0, 4 sharply to raise cotton productivity, winter wheat and other products.

The OGS is supplied:

1.OGS increased growth (evolvement) of plants especially in initial stage and vegetation stage. Influence effect is depend on plant nature, soil nature, conditions and etc. 20-25% at a speed almost always rise, on the whole this indices are contained in interval from 20% (it is was not lawyer) and it can exceed 100% over.

2.OGS increased crops productivity. In converting to productiveness from 1 m2 in total due to increase speed and growth of yields quantity effect is very seemly. 40%

3.OGS sharply resistibility diseases and survival rate extreme conditions.

Объемная масса Кг/м3 350;450
Время формированоя твердопористой пленки Час 24-72 в зависимости от температуры
Толщина пленки Мм 515
Растворимость нефти и нетепрпродуктах Не растворим
Группа горючей Горюч
Снижения испорения 90-95%
Продолжительность экплутации пленки Около 1