These requirement specifications apply to special-purpose distillate for AMG-10, RM and RMTs oils designed to obtain low pour point hydraulic oils of AMG-10, RM and RMTs oil grades.

Example of product designation at ordering: “Special-purpose distillate for AMG-10, RM and RMTs oils acc. to requirement specifications TU 38.1011286-89”.

1.1. Special-purpose distillate for AMG-10, RM and RMTs oils shall be produced in accordance with the requirements of these requirement specifications through the duly approved process procedure.
1.2. Physical and chemical parameters of special-purpose distillate for AMG-10, RM and RMTs oils shall meet the requirements and standards specified in the table.


2. 1. Special-purpose distillate for AMG-10, RM and RMTs oils is a hot fluid with a flash temperature of 93 °C, inflammation temperature of 97 °C in accordance with GOST 12.1. 044-84. Explosive vapour concentrations in the air is 2.1- 12.0% / by volume

2.2. Maximum permissible vapour concentration is 300 / mg/m3 in accordance with GOST 12.1.005-76. Equivalent carbon content of hydrocarbons in the air is determined using HS-2 unit.
Concentrations in excess of the maximum allowable concentration irritate mucous membranes. Inhalation of special-purpose distillate vapours can cause acute occupational intoxication or chronic intoxication.
2.3. Always use personal protective equipment in accordance with duly approved standard industry-related regulations when carrying out works with special-purpose distillate.
2.4. Premises where works with special-purpose distillate are carried out (including performance of quality analysis) shall be provided with explosion-proof general exchange ventilation system.
2.5. Any works on opening of tanks, containers and barrels shall be carried out with non-sparking tools.
In case of indoor spillage of special-purpose distillate it shall be collect in a separate container, and the spill area shall be wiped with a dry cloth; in case of outdoor spillage the spill area shall be filled with sand, followed by its removal.
Any fire-extinguishing means, except for water, can be used in case of ignition of special-purpose distillate.
2.6. Special-purpose distillate is classified to materials of hazard class 4 by effect on human body in accordance with GOST 121007-76.


3.1. Harmful effect indicators
Special-purpose distillate for AMG-10 RM and RMTs oils is an oil refining product. The main harmful effect indicator is its impact on plant organs which results in death of the plants. Maximum permissible concentration in the air of populated areas – 5 mg/m3. Under normal conditions secondary hazardous compounds are not formed in the atmospheric air.
3.2. Measures and means of protection against harmful effects.
Effective methods to protect natural environment are pressurisation of equipment and prevention of special-purpose distillate spills.
3.3. Monitoring of emissions into the environment.
Quantitative determination of special air-distillate in the air is carried out by the procedure described in the publication by T.V. Solovev and V.A. Khrustalev “Guidance on methods for the determination of harmful substances in the air”, Moscow, Meditsina publ. house, 1974.
Quantitative determination of special air-distillate in water is carried out according to the method for determination of petroleum products by Yu.Yu. Lure and A.M. Rybnikov “Chemical analysis of industrial wastewaters”, Moscow, Khimiya publ. house, 1974.


4.1. Special-purpose distillate for AMG-10 and RM and RMTs oils is accepted by batches. Any amount of special-purpose distillate produced in a continuous process, shipped to a consumer in a single delivery, having uniform quality parameters and accompanied by one document of quality shall be considered as a batch.
4.2. Sample size is determined in accordance with GOST 2517-85
4.3. In case of unsatisfactory testing results for at least one parameter repeated testing of a new sample collected from the same batch shall be performed.
Results of the repeated testing shall apply to the entire batch.


5.1. A sample of special-purpose distillate is collected in accordance with GOST 2517- 85. 1.0 dm3 of special-purpose distillate shall be collected for preparation of a composite sample.


6.1. Packing, marking, transportation, and storage of special-purpose distillate for AMG-10, RM and RMTs oils is carried out in accordance with GOST 1510-84.


7.1. The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of special-purpose distillate for AMG-10, RM and RMTs oils conforms with the requirements of these requirement specifications provided that the consumer observes storage and transportation conditions.
7.2. Guaranteed storage life makes one year from the date of manufacture.