Ingredients: Aminoacids


Instructions for use (application): The pH of the product is 8-9. The product is mixed with water until the pH is 5.6-6.6 and applied to the field. (A certain amount of sulfuric acid can be used to lower the pH).

The product is applied to the area by irrigation two times with interval for 10 days:

  1. At the beginning of planting.
  2. During development period.

The benefits: Increases productivity and harvest, improves the plant’s immune system, increases resistance to disease. Enhances taste and aroma naturalness in plants. Strengthens plant stem, increases the amount of chlorophyll in the leaves.

Storage: Keep in dark place away from direct sunlight, at +5 and +400c temperature. The quality of the product is guaranteed by company.


Shelf life: 1 year from production date.