Application: liquid sodium soap (naphthenate soap) is used at production of preservative washing agent. Due to weak hydrolyse in water it is considered the best cleanser for alkali, wool, for natural skin curing and cleaning from nap. 40% water solution of naphthenate is a good weed control pesticide, plant growth stimulator and increases cropping power for 10-20%. Sodium naphthenate is the main component of emulsols for cooling of shear machines. Besides, sodium naphthenate is the main component of hydro-intensifying additive to cements improving process conditions: reduces grinding time for 30-40% and increases fineness of grinding ensuring cement stability, preservation during storage, activity of hydrophobizated cement for 96-98%, as well as reduction of capillary intake of water in aggressive environments and conditions of alternating freezing and defrosting for 15-25%

1.Appcarance: dark brown
2.Mass fraction of oil acids, % not less than 45,4
3.Mass fraction of unsaponifiable in terms of organic substance, % not more than 1,6
4.Acidvalue; mg.KOH per lg.. oil acids 249, not less than 240