Adhesion promoters to brass plated metallic cord. The product is cobalt salt of naphthenic acids modified by barium. From property point of view the rubber mixture with cobalt naphthcnate conforms to accepted standards, has quite high stability in air and after thermal aging, retains adhesive properties of rubber metal cord system in aggressive environment and high temperature. Granular cobalt naphthcnate with following specification: Product description Cobalt naphthenate. Application: used in rubber processing as adhesion promoters to metallic cord. General formula (R COO)2 Co.Molecular-weight average: 490 540. Appearance: dark-violet granules Content Co-10-12%. Fumorale acid content: 0.8 .Solvents: white spitit, solvent, xylol. Water. –solubility: does not dissolve in water.



According to GOST 24211-91 «Ad ditives for concrete» softener is applied to regulation plasticity o! concrete and concern I groups of a class.


Plasticity mark P1 up to P5 increases sdditives of softener. After 28 days of drying hardness raises on 30-60% and norms of charge of cement on 1 m3 is reduced on 60-100 kg thus it intended for improvement of otheres building-technical qualities of concrete.

Quality parameters are resulted below:

Color – colorless

Density -1,16 gr/m3

pH -8-9

In the additive there is no chlorine. Norms of the charge calculated on the dry rest weight of cement of 0,4-1,0%.


Guarantee for 6 month. Packaging on metal and plastic drums, transported in 250 kg metal containers.