Stable development of a country directly depends on competitive ability of domestic products, which, in its turn, depends on quality control (i.e. level of testing labs). Specificity of analytic labs requires special system of their competitiveness recognition. Their accreditation synthesizes general approaches to accreditation of testing labs arid peculiarities of analytic operations.

In relation with it, today the application of of the following international standards is topical:

1. Lab quality management and innovations application system of management
2. Lab-information systems in quality management system
3. Modern analytic equipment and automation of separate processes in lab activity.

“Karvan-L” company lab regularly passes accreditation in the Azerbaijan State Centre of Metrology and Standardization.
Lab possesses modern equipment for conduction of wide range of analysis in oil chemistry and oil-chemical and organic synthesis, as well as of initial products of synthesis. Particularly, “Karvan-L” company lab is fitted by up- to-date machinery for quality control of oily acids, and initial raw material for production of paintwork materials based on pentophtalein, acryl, vinyl-acetate, polyurethane etc. necessary film-making clay compositions, driers, initial components of alkyds, acryl, and polyurethane enamels and emulsions, water and oil soluble inhibitors of corrosion, de-emulsifiers, additives to oils, oil solvents, aromatic carbohydrates, processed oils and paints, plant oils, sewage of analogical production.