The glass floor is something that will surprise your guests or customers, and make the premises more light and large.

“Karvan L” LLC designs and installs glass floors for houses, restaurants and cafes. The reliability of the material allows it to resist loads. Walking, installing furniture, point loads, bumps – all this will not lead to the destruction or the formation of cracks on the glass floor of a house or public spaces.

Nonslip. This allows you to walk safely in any shoes, without the risk of slipping.

Beauty and delicacy. The glass construction looks more elegant than the product made of any other material. Visually, it makes the room more spacious. The glass floor is always spectacular. It attracts attention and can be the main accent in the design of the room.

Ease care. It is enough to wipe down the glass floor with non-abrasive detergents and soft cloth.

Safety. The construction consists of high-quality glass and metal elements. We don’t use substances and materials that may be harmful or dangerous for human life in the manufacture of glass floors.