“KARVAN-L KARVAN-L EKO produce ceramic tiles with the quality proven by time and valued by our consumers. If you buy ceramic tiles from our company, we guarantee you a durable and reliable roof coating that is exposure resistant and will serve you in the decades to come provided you follow simple installation rules.
One of these rules is about the correct laying of tiles. Buying the high-quality construction material is not sufficient as it should be prepared for further operation in a professional manner. There are certain construction works that can be carried out by a lay worker. Installation of ceramic tiles, however, is not the case. Such work shall only be entrusted to experienced roofers as a slightest deviation from the slating technology may lead to unpredictable, sometimes quite unpleasant results.
One should not forget that roof is the main and key part of the building exterior. The market today has everything to satisfy the needs of a homeowner with any level of revenue and any aesthetic taste: from affordable natural tile-imitating metal tiles through to ceramic tiles with platinum coating. But the correct installation is required for any roofing material. Only in this case can the roof be expected to serve trouble-free during the entire warranty period and thereafter.

KARVAN L EKO performs a full range of works and services related to configuration and installation of the roof:

– Roofing works, turnkey installation of the roof from the rafters through to warmth-keeping and insulation through to installation of roofing materials and additional elements (laying of tiles, installation of drainage system, attic windows, eaves gutter, heat tracing of roof and gutters);

– Custom design of roofing systems;

– Installation supervision, specialized consultancy services during construction of the roof;

– Repair of various roofs;

– Reconstruction of attics and conversion to cock-lofts;

– Warranty and post-warranty service.