Application: used in production of lacquer materials designed for improvement of colouring agent wet-out and dispersion, increase of sedimentation stability of pigment suspension for 20- 30%, reduction of light organic pigment flotation, dispersion time reduction for 30-50%. Due to surface activity and complete compatibility with different organic solvents, copper naphthenate is adsorbed on pigments, decreases discharge of main desiccants for 25-30% at the same time possesses activity synergism with Co and Mn, increases enamel coating firmness and reduces drying time to level 3. Trade dress: calcium naphthenate as a solution in white spirit.Appearance: unclouded homogenous light yellow liquid.

The naming of an index Norm Actually
Appearance Slush of green color Slush of green color
Mass fraction of copper,% not less 9,0 9,0
Mass fraction of water, % no more 0,2 0,2
Mass fraction of mechanical impuritiess, % no more 0,2 0,2
The contents of water soluble sulphate salts, no more Trails Trails
The contents of water soluble sulphate salts of copper Absence Absence
The contents of water soluble acids and alkaliks Absence Absence