KARVAN-L EKO’s brickyard produces bricks using the clay from the private clay deposit. All products of our plant satisfy the statutory requirements for construction materials; they can be used for erection of structures in accordance with various technologies. Thanks to the integrated production management and state-of-the-art equipment utilized by the company, our products boast optimum process and operation performance in terms of strength, water absorption capacity, heat conductance, and cold resistance.

A ceramic brick is the conventional construction material with a history that spans over decades. It is made of clay. Such feedstock renders the finished stock environmentally safe and durable. Despite abundant innovations in the construction industry, brick is still considered the most dependable material; the live proof are brick houses that stand for centuries.

Ceramic bricks provide the following advantages:

– long service life
– broad range of colors
– the brickyard with a footprint of over 20,000 sq m;
– the unique process line enables to produce high-quality ceramic items;
– state-of-the-art inhouse laboratory;
– private quarry 2km away from the yard;
– state-of-the-art mining and transportation equipment;
– quality control at each stage of production;