ADDITIVES Concentration of additives, ppm WDS,mkm
Intial fuel 511
Additive (K-Lube) 100 322
Other addivite 100 418
Other addivite 100 400
Other addivite 100 382
EN 590 norm, no more than 460

At present production of high- quality diesel fuels is impossible without attaching of additives of various functionality as depressor, cetane increasing, antismoke, washing, anti- oxidizing, dispersive, corrosion inhibitors, anti-wear and many oth. At preparation of multifunctional packets of additives their compatibility are to be considered, as the various surface-active substances are able to influence upon functional properties of each other.

At usage of “K-Lube” anti-wear additive in packets with additives of other functionality (cetane increasing, depressor-dispersive and other) no contradiction between them emerges. Just the opposite, the “K-Lube” additive operated better than its foreign analogues /proved by following testing hold by JSC “VNII NP” Russia/:

Taking into consideration results of mentioned above the “K-Lube” additive possesses high protective effectiveness against weariness and we would to mention that usage of additive at enterprises and petroleum refineries enables to save financial assets. Besides high effectiveness of “K-Lube” additive regarding protection from fuel pumps differing from foreign analogues the product has low pour point without adding any dissolvents (no more than 45 degrees below zero), what facilitates transportation, storage and usage it in cold climatic conditions.