KARVAN-L SPC produced high effective anti-wear additives for reactive and diesel fuels conforming with EN 590 standard.

Anti-wear additives are for restoration of lubricating properties of the fuel, imposed upon hydrogenation processing. They are injected in fuels at petroleum refineries together with anti- oxidizing, anti-detonation, cetane increasing, anti-wear, washing and anti- carbonization additives, also with depressors, dispersants and etc.

“K” (distilled petroleum acid) is used as anti-wear additive of acid type (GOST 13302-77) which conforms following anti-wear properties:

“K” Additive is allowed in reactive diesels in volume of 0,001 – 0,004% (mass quantity). At such content the acidity of fuels got by usage of hydrogenation processes exceeds 0,7mg KOH/100 sm’ what doesn’t influence negatively on other operation properties of fuels. RT fuel (GOST 10227-86) with such additive is widely applied in former USSR countries as well as overseas.

Availability of low acidity limit in “K” additive set forth by GOST is obvious. Thus. as GOST 10227-86 states the lowest limits of RT fiıel acidity – 0,4mg KOH per 100 sm’ and 0,2mg KOH per 100 snr – provide anti-wear properties required in case of “K” content in volume of 0.001% and 0,004% (mass quantity). The table indicating influence of additives upon the fiıel acidity is as follows:



Mass quantity of oil acids, % not less

98,6 – 99,2

Mass quantity of unsaponifiables in recalculation for organic part, not more

0,5 – 1,3

Acid number, mg KOH/g of oil acids

230 – 270

ADDITIVE Acidity, mg KOH/100 sm3 at concentration,% (mass quantity)
0,001 0,002 0,003
Additive “K” distilled pedroleum acid 0,25 0,35 0,50
HITEC 4140 0,10 0,13 0,20
Sygbol 0,05 0,5 0,5
PMAM-2 0,05 0,5 0,5